Steelwork closures and the importance of class and place

The Centre for Labour and Social Studies has an excellent article on the Redcar steelworks closures by Professor Tracy Shildrick. “Steelwork closures and the importance of class and place”  looks at the distance between those who make decisions and those of suffer for them.

Redcar is without question a working class town … The contrast between that image and some of the sharply dressed government Ministers who eventually found their way to Redcar (and who were usually interviewed outside of the works) was at times almost palpable. Minsters often looked – and quite likely felt – out of place. People of the social class background that make up much of this current government simply do not belong in places like Redcar. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but it’s a truth all the same.

What determines who is to be saved and who is to be left to rot.  And why?

the stark differences between the efforts made to save the banking industry (from a crisis of their own making) in contrast to the dismal efforts made by David Cameron’s government in respect of trying to rescue the steel industry and raises the important and pertinent question about what sorts of people and places matter

Being Northern and being working class is a double-whammy when the “hard choices” are made.


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